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Commercial Loan Rates And Application Process

What Are The Typical Commercial Loan Rates And Application Process These Days? Sometimes the customers hire loan brokers who can land the best deals on commercial loan rates. It is not wise to approach a single lending authority without exploring several options. Once the broker or the customer approaches the bank or loan agencies, there [...]

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Student Car Loans Can Sometimes Get You A Lower Interest Rate

A tidbit on student car loans: Student car loans can sometimes get you a special rate over other drivers. This is because some banks actually have programs that cater to students. Usually, this type of program exists in credit unions rather than commercial banks. As of 2013, I’ve seen such loans as cheap as 1.99% [...]

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Typical Home Owner Loans Advatages

Home Owner Loans When you’re a homeowner, you have several advantages when it comes to getting loans. This is typically because when you own a home, after paying down your mortgage for a while, you generate equity. Equity is simply the difference between what you owe on your house, and what it is worth. The [...]

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How To Get Home Construction Loans

So, You Need A Home Construction Loan. Now What? Home construction loans don’t have to be something to lose sleep over. If you’re planning on building your dream home from the ground up, there’s a few ways you can go about it. There are banks willing to lend money for new home construction. Some of [...]

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Stated Income Loans: A Thing Of The Past?

Can People Still Get Stated Income Loans? Stated income loans definitely aren’t a thing of the past. Many people still count on them today. However, they are just not so prominent anymore since the credit crisis, state of the economy, and other pertinent factors. If you qualify for a stated income loan, you can get [...]

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Equity Loan Calculator

How Much Can You Borrow From Your Home? Find Out With Our Handy Equity Loan Calculator! Home equity loans are very nice to have when you have a large purchase that you need money for. They’re also good for debt consolidation, purchasing a vehicle, paying for a class or two at college, etc. Our equity [...]

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What Are HELOC Loans? HELOC loans are simply home equity lines of credit. If you have equity in your home, you can qualify for a HELOC. They generally have pretty low interest rates. And they’re good for debt consolidation, funding a business venture, or other high ticket items that you may need money for. Since [...]

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House Loan Calculator

Need A House Loan Calculator? When shopping around for what house you may want to buy, it is first very important to know how much of a home you can comfortably afford. Not to worry, we have a handy house loan calculator right here for your free use.   Loan Calculator Determine a mortgage or [...]

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FHA Loans Qualifications

FHA Loans Qualifications The qualifications that need to be met in order to be considered for an FHA loan are actually pretty lenient. Please see below: Federal housing administration home loan programs were produced to increase home ownership throughout the truly amazing depression and may help just about any home buyer buy a home regardless [...]

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Jumbo Loan Rates

What Are The Typical Jumbo Loan Rates? Jumbo loan rates can vary. Typically, the rates (at least as of the writing of this post) are around 3.9-4.25%. Some people prefer to go the route of securing an interest only loan on such properties. These versions of the loans are generally lower, around the 2.5% range. [...]

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